Sometimes we just need time to think…

(For anyone who’s ever wondered if they’ve done enough…)

Sometimes we need time to think, to question, to understand, to rationalise,

At times we can’t explain. To understand. To respond.

It’s hard not to get upset when faced with the confrontation,

It’s frustrating. Exhausting. Tiring.

Where are the answers? Who knows?

I like to find the answers in words. But sometimes the words don’t help.

You’ve grown up relying on the words to paint a picture. To enable understanding,

You’re lost.

Trapped in your thoughts and a bunch of incoherent sentences,

Sometimes it’s not the words you need.

It’s the feelings. The emotions. The closeness to others,

You want to be understood. To be listened to.

Reacting to situations on the spot is hard.

Have I said the right thing? Could I have done this? what did they mean?

You ask yourself a thousand questions. You have more questions than answers.

You think.

Do I need space? Do I need a friend? or just a hug and reassurance that it’s okay?

More can go on than you know. You owe no one an explanation.

That seemingly confident person who appears to have it all together,

In some situations she’s running the show. In others she wants to hide.

Sometimes we need to get away. Escape,

And sometimes we just need time to think.


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