About the blog

I started this blog with two initial purposes; to raise awareness of the condition of Dyspraxia and also as an aid to explore my own understanding of Dyspraxia and how it is part of who I am. For more information on who I am, I suggest you read my first post or if you want the less long winded version visit my about me page.

Since it’s beginnings the blog has morphed into a platform for me to write about anything that I am interested in, so expect to find writing on politics, wider disability issues, youth work, education, mental health or general inspirations of the moment.

I have also made the decision to not use my full name anywhere on this blog- as to have some semi-anonymity. I realise that if you got here via Twitter or Facebook, I am not as anonymous to you. I also try not to mention names when discussing people in this blog- although I realise that names may be identifiable to some people. I’d appreciate your cooperation in trying to keep all names as anonymous as possible. If you’d like to discus this further please do get in touch.

I hope you take something useful from this blog and as always I love to hear feedback from my readers.