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New year. January feels.

Recently I read this in The Pool, that really spoke to me and then I cried. I can imagine the issues raised will speak to many, a conversation we certainly need to have more of. I,  like many other people, have been … Continue reading

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Breaking the silence on workplace bullying and grievance procedures

You know when you left school and moved into the world of work, did you think that adults will be more understanding? And well, more grown-up? I did. I was bullied at school, an area of my life that I’m … Continue reading

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Employment isn’t always plain sailing

Back in 2010, I remember sitting in the desert in India, watching the sunset, drinking chai, writing in my journal and watching the Indians thrash us at volley ball yet again. I’d graduated from university the summer before, and life … Continue reading

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I believe. I want. I do.

Recently, while tidying up, I came across an old school report. I sat down and read some of it, one teacher commented; “Alice has an innate sense of justice and fairness.” another teacher wrote: “historians are not judges or juries,” … Continue reading

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Expectations: in conversation with my brain…

For context – I’m writing this – after weeks of feeling more depressed than I’ve felt in a long time. Summer is coming to an end and I’m looking ahead to autumn. I have The Proclaimers singing into my headphones, … Continue reading

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How are you REALLY?!

A year ago, I was finishing my Masters in Magazine Journalism, unsure where I’d be in a year, who I’d meet and the direction my career would take. Up until then I had retrained three times before the age of … Continue reading

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Self-care: Things I’ve learned when I’m not okay

We often hear self-care bandied around on social media and in the offline world, as something we should all think about and include in our lives. “It’s important to look after yourself” and “Make sure you take time out,” are … Continue reading

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