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Going through a career change when you don’t feel equipped or ready for it…

A year ago I sat down and thought about my future and where I wanted to be in a few years time. At 27 I’d entered the ‘late twenties’ bracket and this terrified me. I’ve always felt the pressure to … Continue reading

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I found Mental Health Mates!

In Journalism, and throughout this MA – I’ve been forced to meet and talk to new people all of the time. Networking  – something that I run away from, but is apparently necessary not only for journalism, but everyday life … Continue reading

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Panic, anxiety and being a teenager

The first time I remember experiencing anxiety (or at least when it really started to take hold) was when I was thirteen years old, at school. We were in a middle of a PE lesson, and I began to feel … Continue reading

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Staying well: When is it enough therapy?

I’ve had therapy of varying degrees most of my adult and some of my teenage life, but started to properly seek professional help for my mental health about six years ago. The first few appointments I had, I panicked and … Continue reading

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You’ll be okay

I have Dyspraxia (a specific learning difficulty that affects spatial awareness, coordination, organisation of thought and emotional sensitivity) and a secondary condition that I’ve developed, as a result of being utterly confused about myself and why I am different, is … Continue reading

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Feeling included and inclusion

The best feeling in the world is to feel wanted, part of something and valued- being included and able to comfortably participate can really do wonders for our mental health and is something that I have really appreciated in friendships … Continue reading

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Volunteering abroad: “anything is possible in India”

At 21 I travelled to India to volunteer for three months, something that to this day I’m still incredibly proud of but also an experience I know I should write more about. I’m often asked for advice about travelling abroad, … Continue reading

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