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What therapy and a pandemic has taught me about connections

Like many people this year, I’ve gone back to therapy. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to make that re-referal now, sometimes It takes a bit of prompting from others and other times, I just know. I … Continue reading

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Do I fit in here? On questioning a sense of belonging…

“I really admire your tenacity to conquer adversity,” I’m told. I’ve accepted these compliments, that my achievements have been noted and that I’ve had some degree of impact on other peoples lives. We all crave attention. Human connection. To feel … Continue reading

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On “where do I belong?” during a pandemic…

I have temporarily stopped using social media and probably will never go back to it, so, this piece won’t be shared there, but will possibly be read by my small following; you; and that’s okay. I still wanted to write … Continue reading

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I’m exhausted. And I know I’m not alone

Our lives over the last six weeks have changed forever. We can’t escape the daily reminders from the news, social media updates and our cats being extra intuitive. It’s a strange time. We are learning how to work again. And … Continue reading

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Breaking the silence on workplace bullying and grievance procedures

You know when you left school and moved into the world of work, did you think that adults will be more understanding? And well, more grown-up? I did. I was bullied at school, an area of my life that I’m … Continue reading

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Employment isn’t always plain sailing

Back in 2010, I remember sitting in the desert in India, watching the sunset, drinking chai, writing in my journal and watching the Indians thrash us at volley ball yet again. I’d graduated from university the summer before, and life … Continue reading

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On fitting in and moving on

My life has been full of asking myself “do I fit in here?” and not knowing quite how to answer. Sometimes I do, other times less so. School was full of realisations that I’d never be “popular”. Like most young … Continue reading

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We finally made a whole magazine!

So where am I now? On Friday, something amazing happened – in amongst the election chaos and uncertainty, we sent our magazine to print. A magazine we’d been working on since February, having had the initial idea as early as … Continue reading

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Some thoughts post EU Ref

Some of you who read this blog may or may not know, that I have a politics degree- something that growing up (unlike many other young people my age) has always been close to my heart. I willingly watched the … Continue reading

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