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Going through a career change when you don’t feel equipped or ready for it…

A year ago I sat down and thought about my future and where I wanted to be in a few years time. At 27 I’d entered the ‘late twenties’ bracket and this terrified me. I’ve always felt the pressure to … Continue reading

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We finally made a whole magazine!

So where am I now? On Friday, something amazing happened – in amongst the election chaos and uncertainty, we sent our magazine to print. A magazine we’d been working on since February, having had the initial idea as early as … Continue reading

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Semester two has begun…

As most people know,  I’m at uni (again) doing a Masters in Magazine Journalism. After various career attempts and working out what being an adult meant to me, I decided that more education and another MA would be an almost … Continue reading

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WordPress anniversary

Exactly a year ago today, I registered with WordPress and started writing my first blog under the name alittlemoreunderstanding. This has been the year when I started allowing people (who weren’t related to me or my best friends) to read … Continue reading

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The power of writing

When I started writing this blog, I didn’t know what to expect and quite frankly I was terrified about what peoples reactions would be. I certainly didn’t envisage seven months down the line still to be contributing to this blog … Continue reading

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