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Going through a career change when you don’t feel equipped or ready for it…

A year ago I sat down and thought about my future and where I wanted to be in a few years time. At 27 I’d entered the ‘late twenties’ bracket and this terrified me. I’ve always felt the pressure to … Continue reading

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Some thoughts post EU Ref

Some of you who read this blog may or may not know, that I have a politics degree- something that growing up (unlike many other young people my age) has always been close to my heart. I willingly watched the … Continue reading

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Learning to listen

  ‘I just want people to understand’ is something I’ve told myself time and time again and occasionally verbalised, when I’ve been going through my own mental health difficulties and confusion associated with a diagnosis of Dyspraxia. I’ve rarely hoped … Continue reading

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A massive THANK YOU to everyone who has voted for me!

Recently I have been nominated for positive role model of the National Diversity Awards in the disability category. Receiving his nomination was wonderful in itself, but then more and more people began voting for me which has been really very … Continue reading

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Being young and told to ‘just get a job’

I was compelled to write this article, after reading a number of discussions and media coverage on the topic. I wanted to add my own contribution into the mix, as above all at almost 27 I’m probably still classed as … Continue reading

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Why the youth service means so much to me

In light of the recent news that Gateshead Councils Youth service could be the subject to terrible cuts I have decided to support the campaign to save the youth services by doing what I do best- writing. I want to … Continue reading

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Me and my blog

I thought I’d start this blog by telling you a bit about myself and why I decided to write a blog in the first place. For years I’ve overcome many challenging experiences, so decided that it is about time I … Continue reading

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